Sizzling Hot Marriage¬†specializes in leading couples to experience marriage as God intended – ‘the two shall become one flesh’ – ‘what He has put together let no man separate or divorce’. God created all the animals as male and female. The Bible is clear that Eve was made from Adam’s rib and became one with him. Male and female, husband and wife, represents the completion of humanity. The man without a wife is only experiencing half of what God intended for him. The woman without a husband is missing out on God’s ideal for her. It is the purpose of Satan to destroy humanity with marriage at its core. The Sizzling Hot Marriage purpose is to teach men and women how to experience what God intended for them – with only each other and throughout their lifetime.

Making love every day doesn’t necessarily mean sex every day. It does mean that they are so close that they are sexual toward each other every day. They feel like having sex every day. Wouldn’t you like to experience that with your spouse? As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy practice we offer professional counseling and coaching for couples seeking to ignite the flame God intended for married couples to experience.

10 day challenge for married couples




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