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Welcome to the Sizzling Hot Marriage Orbit

The purpose of the Sizzling Hot Marriage Show is to promote marriage in a positive and empowering way. The show is designed to grow its reach organically. Our marketing approach is to build a strong support network for couples one show at a time. As a cross-promotional list-building event, each show increases the impact we are making in the world.

How This Works

Our guests agree to become affiliates and promote the show to their email list and social media. Email lists are more effective than social media because they reach our fans directly. As an affiliate of Sizzling Hot Marriage, each guests receives a unique tracking ID called an Affiliate ID. The Affiliate ID is a URL with each affiliates unique identifier attached. The Affiliate ID is used in promotional emails and posts tracking which of your subscribers visit the site and make purchases.

Subscribers may they use to invite their email subscribers to register for the show.  If any of your subscribers purchase our VIP package we split the earnings per our agreement. You have an opportunity to make an affiliate for the product or services you offer during the show as well. All guests are asked to have either a free or paid offer. If you offer a paid offer then I would become your affiliate.

What is an affiliate? 

An affiliate is one who gets credit for sales from referred customers. You are assigned an affiliate ID. That ID is used in the link you share with others. When they click that link and come to our site you will get credit for any purchases they make.

How do you earn commissions? 

When customers you refer make purchases of my VIP package or product offered during the show or up to 30 days following the show, you will earn the agreed amount of commission. Your affiliate agreement determines the commission amount you will earn from the sales of your referrals.

What do I use to send people I’m referring? 

Click on the Creatives tab and you will see several images that have your affiliate ID embedded in them. You can upload these images to your social media or insert them into your emails or website. There is also a link that is just text. You can customize this text as you see fit. You can also create your own creatives embedding your affiliate ID. Please use our branding images and colors when doing so. You can find these on the Brand Assets tab.

What page should I be referring customers to? 

The Sizzling Hot Marriage Show registration page is: (put your affiliate id where the XX is)


The guest agreement simply declares ownership of the recordings and delineates our financial agreement. Click here to sign the Guest Agreement.

You will need to submit your documents including your headshot, brief bio, logo, slides, etc. to Venesa who will assist you in setting up your promotion campaign. Schedule an appointment with Venesa at

To add a custom slug and rename your affiliate to something your tribe will recognize, go to Settings/Custom Slug to change your affiliate ID to your first and last name or business name.

To effectively promote your interview, you should send at least two emails to your email list. One two weeks before and one 3 days before. Sending one the day of will also improve your show ups.  The first SOLO email introduces me and our topic to them. The following emails do a brief intro andn remind them to register to be V.I.C.’s for the show. As a V.I.C.’s they will get on my email list and be registered under you.

We recommend daily posts to your social media pages seven days prior to the series, pinning the invitation to the top of your page, and adding it to your website. Make sure your unique affiliate ID is used in all of your promotions so you will get credit if they purchase our offer.

To schedule your SOLO emails, create an email in the app you use to manage your email list. Here’s a tutorial.  This might be Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc. Or it could be your course software like Kajabi or Teachable. Create an email as you normally do that you will send to your list. Use the SWIPE Copy below for your two SOLO emails. You may edit it to fit your audience but please remember it has been tested and shown to be highly converting as it is. Then set up your emails to go out in the morning 14 days and 3 days before your interview is aired. 

Grab the creative from the Creatives tab to post to your social media. Post for seven days prior to the event. Build anticipation for the event by commenting about the upcoming event and tagging Joe in those posts.

If you feel really aggressive, set up a google, facebook or instagram ad to drive people to your interview.

Check out all the tabs on the Affiliate menu. You will see where to grab your creatives and see how many of your subscribers have visited the page.

Hi subscriber,

I would like you to meet a friend of mine who has been building strong marriages for over 30 years. His name is Joe Follette, Jr. and he has invited me to be interviewed on his Sizzling Hot Marriage Show. I am so excited about this opportunity to share my story and encourage couples. I would like to invite you to make sure you watch my interview. I believe it will be a source of encouragement for you. 

Make sure you register so you can receive notifications and get the watch details. Make sure you invite your friends to attend as well.

Joe is passionate about helping couples because of his personal experience. He grew up in a loving family with parents who stayed together. He wants all kids to have that experience. Because he was unable to give that to his first set of kids he has been determined to help a million couples find there way back into each other’s arms. I am so pumped to have met him and to have the opportunity to be inspired by him.

I want you to be inspired too. So make sure you register to watch his interview with me. We will be talking about … (Tell your story here that wets their appetite for the show)

Here’s the link to sign up – (Replace the XX with your Affiliate ID or slug and make this a pretty link by embedding the link in the text)

It may take a few months for your referral to make a purchase. You’ll want to be credited for their referral when they make their purchase. The cookies attached to your referrals only last 30 days. Each month I host a FREE virtual marriage retreat called Romance Recovery Retreat.  Adding a regularly scheduled mention of this retreat to your newsletter and social feeds will likely increase your referrals refreshing your affiliate status. Get Swipe copy and creatives

Has routine replaced romance in your marriage? Freshen up your romance with six hours of marriage enrichment at the Sizzling Hot Marriage Virtual Romance Recovery Retreat. (Embed your Affiliate ID with this URL – replacing XX with your Affiliate ID)

Here are some creatives you can embed your link in.