Are you a genuine partner? Part II

Last week I asked the question “Are you a genuine partner?” The first indicator of your genuiness is whether you use we or me. Read more here. This week I continue by sharing the second test of your genuiness. Are You Are Willing To Fight For Your Relationship?

If your partner walked out the door today, would you care? Don’t answer that question too quickly. Think about it. Would you really, truly care, and would it hurt you or give you a sense of relief? If you can imagine waking up tomorrow without your partner by your side, then your partnership to them is not genuine.

Consider the Biblical story of Hosea. He married a woman who not only cheated on him, but required him to pay the man she cheated on him with, just to get her back. Hosea 3: 1-2. Now that’s love. Genuine, true love. A willingness to fight for your relationship is a critical test of your integrity as a lover. 

Are you checked out of your marriage? Are you just going through the motions? If so, you are not a genuine partner. Let me encourage you to recommit to your marriage and getting your relationship back on track.

I offer a FREE marriage retreat just for that. Go to to sign up. You can regain your integrity as a spouse.

Stay tuned next week for my final test of genuiness.

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