Are you a genuine partner? Part III

Today I’m giving you my final installment on my article “Are you a genuine partner?” We have discussed how many couples simply go through the motions of marriage but are not really connecting. Are you like that?

The third way to know you are not a genuine partner is if you don’t share your feelings, emotions, and dreams with your spouse. Too many couples simply talk about business. What do you want for dinner? What time to pick up the kid? There is a link under the sink. These are necessary conversations. But have you shared what you feel hungry for? What you are doing right now? How you feel peeved that the sink is leaking again. If you are not sharing your honest thoughts and emotions on a daily you are not really connecting intimately in your marriage. 

According to Harley Therapy, “[w]hen it comes to genuine connection, it’s not about time spent in the same room or doing the same activity, . . . [but] [i]t’s about time that is actually spent sharing your thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Think about that. Are you just in the same room or are you sharing space in each other’s head? It may bode you well to ponder that food for thought. That’s because this level of comfortability, is only achievable when what you have is truly genuine. 

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