ASD-Aware Relationship Enrichment Program


A group program can be highly beneficial, providing couples with a supportive therapeutic community of individuals with similar challenges. Here’s a suggested structure for a group-based program:

Program Title: ASD-Aware Relationship Enrichment Group Program

Group Size: Ideally, the program consists of 4-6 couples to ensure effective interaction and personalized attention.

Program Duration: The group program is structured as a 12-week course, each lasting approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Program Structure:

Week 1-2: Orientation and Assessment

  • Session 1: Welcome and Introduction
  • Create a comfortable, non-judgmental environment.
  • Share program objectives and expectations.
  • Session 2: Initial Assessment and Goal Setting
  • Conduct individual and joint assessments to identify specific relationship challenges.
  • Set personal and shared goals for the program.

Week 3-4: Understanding ASD in Relationships

  • Session 3: Overview of ASD in Relationships
  • Provide an educational overview of ASD and its impact on relationships.
  • Share relevant research findings and expert insights.
  • Session 4: Sharing Personal Experiences
  • Encourage couples to share their experiences, challenges, and emotions related to ASD.
  • Foster a sense of community and empathy among participants.

Week 5-6: Building Emotional Awareness

  • Session 5: Recognizing and Expressing Emotions
  • Facilitate exercises and discussions on identifying and expressing emotions effectively.
  • Session 6: Empathy and Emotional Connection
  • Explore strategies for enhancing empathy and emotional connection within the relationship.
  • Encourage open sharing of feelings and experiences within the group.

Week 7-8: Effective Communication

  • Session 7: Communication Styles and Strategies
  • Assess current communication patterns and challenges within each couple.
  • Introduce effective communication techniques, including active listening and “I” statements.
  • Session 8: Navigating Conflict and Anger
  • Address conflict resolution and anger management, with a focus on ASD-specific considerations.
  • Provide tools for de-escalation and constructive conflict resolution.

Week 9-10: Rebuilding Trust and Intimacy

  • Session 9: Overcoming Serial Infidelity
  • Explore the root causes of serial infidelity and ways to rebuild trust.
  • Promote healthy boundaries and communication around fidelity.
  • Session 10: Cultivating Affection and Sexual Intimacy
  • Address challenges related to affection and sexual intimacy within the group.
  • Provide strategies for reconnecting on an emotional and physical level.

Week 11-12: Planning for the Future and Graduation

  • Session 11: Creating a Relationship Vision
  • Assist couples in envisioning their desired future together.
  • Develop strategies for maintaining a fulfilling relationship beyond the program.
  • Session 12: Review, Graduation, and Ongoing Support
  • Review progress and accomplishments made during the program.
  • Discuss long-term strategies for maintaining relationship health.
  • Encourage ongoing support and connections among group members.

Additional Components:

  • Group Counseling: Weekly group counseling sessions allow couples to share experiences, challenges, and successes within the group setting.
  • Resource Library: Couples are provided a library of resources, including books, articles, and videos, to support their continued growth and learning.
  • Peer Support: Couples are encouraged to connect and support each other outside of program sessions, fostering a sense of community.

Structuring the program as a group-based experience, couples can benefit from the guidance of a therapist and the shared experiences and support of peers facing similar challenges in their relationships.

Invest in Your Relationship: $3,500 for Comprehensive Support

Your relationship is priceless, and investing in its health and happiness is a decision that can transform your life. Our ASD-Aware Relationship Enrichment Group Program offers comprehensive support to help you and your partner break free from the cycle of unmet needs.

For a fee of $3,500, you’ll gain access to a 12-week program designed to enhance your understanding, communication, and emotional connection. This program includes group sessions, expert guidance, and valuable resources to support your journey.

But that’s not all. We understand that each couple is unique; some may benefit from additional therapy. If you choose to add 10 hours of individual and couples therapy to your program, the total investment becomes $4,500.

Consider this an investment in the future of your relationship. With the knowledge, tools, and support you’ll gain, you’re not just addressing the challenges of today—you’re paving the way for a stronger, more fulfilling tomorrow.

Your relationship is worth it. Take the step toward a happier, healthier partnership today.

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