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Andrew McConaghie, LCSW
Pastor Brad and Heidi Mitchell, M.Div.
Monique Thompson, LPC

Dr. Kim Logan-Nowlin

Kim Logan Communications Christian Counseling Clinic has been successfully addressing the needs of families, youth and individuals experiencing problems, or those with maritial concerns, by providing family therapy, child therapy and substance abuse treatment. KLCC has provided employability training and substance abuse treatment to parole and probationary offenders since 1993.

For 35 years, Dr. Kim Logan- Nowlin has treated and trained people from all walks of life. She continues to serve the community through consistent support and is committed to the concerns of individuals and families experiencing problems which prevent a healthy lifestyle. In the areas of Parenting, Divorce, Adoption, and children of incarcerated parents.

Kim Logan Communication is a international professional motivational speaker/lecturer for family life. Kim Logan Communications Clinic provides afterschool mentoring program and drama troop program. KLCC also provides counseling for couples helping them through “Intensive Care”. Can My Marriage Survive or Not? Co-Authored by the Nowlin’s.

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