Follette Marital Belief Scale

Hot or Not Quiz
I am not always completely honest with my spouse.
I make sure we solve our solvable problems and don't turn pebbles into boulders.
I frequently think about or bring up past disappointments and hurts.
I make sure we stay active and keep making new memories together.
I am generally happy and positive with everyone
I am not a confident person
It is easy for me to compromise and come into agreement with my spouse.
I am confident our marriage will last and be satisfying.
I question how committed my spouse is to our marriage.
I often reflect on the good memories we've shared together.
I remind my spouse of my love in words and action every day.
I consistently fulfill my part of roles and responsibilities in our home.
My spouse feels like I "get" him/her.
I give my spouse at least five hours of undivded attention each week.
It is easy for me to get upset about things.
It is easy for my spouse to talk to me about anything at any time.
I do my part to make our marriage fun and enjoyable.
I make sure my spouse is satisfied sexually.
My spouse and I are intentional about eting healthily and exercising..
I am very satisfied with our marriage.
I usually include my spouse when making plans and decisions.
I think and speak positively about my spouse.
I am not living up to what I believe God expects from me.
My spouse can depend on my word.
It is not easy for me to forgive my spouse.
I make sure we spend time with other couples we enjoy being around.
I am compassionate and patient with my spouse.
I am quick to complain and criticise my spouse.
I make sure we celebrate holidays, birthdays, accomplishments, and special traditions in our family.
I give my spouse hugs and kisses daily.
I have some bad habits and behaviors I need to change.