Effective Solutions for Troubled Marriages


Uncover what is disrupting peace and harmony within yourself and in your marriage.

Discover new beliefs and behaviors you need to rebuild trust and establish effective communication.


Learn what it takes to be a happier person so you can have a happier marriage. 

Get challenged to think differently so you can be a better you in your marriage.


Invest time and energy into nurturing your new beliefs and your new relationship.

The Power of Therapy And Coaching

The reason we sign up for therapy and coaching is because we need to connect with a professional on the deepest levels in a safe space for vulnerability and exposure to positive thoughts outside of our own heads. Individual therapy goes straight to the heart of your issues without dilution. Couple therapy helps you understand the complicated dynamics of relationships. Group therapy adds another dimension to learning and change significantly speeding up the time it will take you to reach your goals.

How long does it take to turn things around?

Marriage therapy is not an exact science. Every couple has different circumstances and situations. In our experience, most couples experience a significant improvement in their overall relationship within the first three months of treatment. However, it takes 6 to 12 months for your new perspectives to gain root and prevent full relapse and return to old behaviors. 

Do we have to sign a contract?

We do not require a contract. You can exit treatment at any point. It is highly advised that you seriously consider the recommendations of your therapist before quitting treatment. Sometimes it gets really hard right before your breakthrough. We don’t want you to miss out on your blessing because you didn’t persevere. Every three months we evaluate your progress to assess next steps.


Isn’t it time to focus on your stuff?

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Inner Healing Group 12-Month Subscription
Inner Healing Group 12-Month Subscription
Therapy & Coaching Plan (1 Hour/Month)
Therapy & Coaching Plan (2 Hour/Month)
Therapy & Coaching Plan (3 Hours/Month)
Therapy & Coaching Plan (4 Hours/Month)

Why is it so expensive?

Price is a reflection of value. Someone else might ask, why is it so cheap. I can’t imagine spending $1,000 on a pair of shoes because I don’t value footwear like that. But I know people who do. So the question is how much do you value your marriage? Think about it this way. What would be the cost of not getting the expert help you need? A divorce is much more expensive than therapy. If you are at the point where you don’t see the value of spending money on your marriage, the money spent on an attorney may make more sense to you. Marriage is your most important asset in life – take care of it and it will take care of you.

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How does this work?

Once you make your payment you will receive several emails:

  • Your payment receipt
  • Welcome to the Sizzling Hot Marriage program with link to join the Inner Healing Group.
  • If you purchased therapy, login to TherapyAppointment to schedule your appointment.

You will need to:

  1. Click the link to join the inner healing group and complete the new member checklist.