Is your business sucking the life out of your marriage?

Is your business sucking the life out of your marriage?

I’m a business owner. I know firsthand how many hours it takes to run your own business. I can easily find myself working 12+ hours five days a week. I also know firsthand how that affects your family and your marriage. I wish I could say I have managed my time well. But the truth is, much of the time I have spent working over the years has been time taken away from my wife and kids.

What’s the cost?

The cost is lost time where your energy and intellect may be most needed. We only have our kids with us for a short while. They need their parent’s time, energy, and wisdom. Without this time, they develop without your engagement. That could be costly to the quality of their lives.

The cost can often be seen in your marriage. It is very stressful for that spouse who ends up responsible for nearly everything at home – the kids, the cleaning, the appointments, etc. Over time, people simply get tired. That tiredness puts a serious strain on the marriage. Many marriages end up breaking under this stress. Lack of time with each opens the door for others to slip in. Lost time can be costly.

I have learned some things about time management that I wish I knew when I first started my business. First, I am in control of my schedule. This is something Claudia often told me as I used my business as an excuse for why I couldn’t do something or be someplace. I’ve realized that I truly am responsible for my schedule. I’ve realized that I don’t have to be seeing clients till 8 and 9 at night. Or on the weekends. I’ve learned that my clients will see me during business hours.

The second thing I’ve learned is how to work less and accomplish more. I’ve learned that working all those hours doesn’t necessarily mean you are making more money or being more productive. I’ve found that working fewer hours increases my productivity.

The third thing I have learned is that working too many hours reduces the quality of your work. Rest is vitally important for your health and ability to perform your job. Truck drivers can only drive so many hours a day because it is proven unsafe otherwise. God gave us the Sabbath as a day to rest from all our labors. He didn’t create us to work all the time. Yet, too often, we insist that we have to work all those hours.

While I have learned a lot of things, I feel like I still have a lot to learn. I’m excited about the opportunity to teach others what I have learned. That is what I am doing in my upcoming virtual marriage retreat. I’m calling all Power Couples to reevaluate their time management. To realign themselves with their families. I’m calling all Power Couples to boost their productivity by taking control of their schedules. Want to join us? Click here to sign up today.

Picture of Joe Follette, Jr., M.Div., M.S., LMFT

Joe Follette, Jr., M.Div., M.S., LMFT

Joe Follette, Jr., a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 25 years of experience, founded Lifestyle Therapy & Coaching in Huntsville, Alabama. He combines his background as a former pastor with his therapeutic expertise to help adults achieve fulfilling marriages. He works with individuals, couples, families, and more. He offers virtual therapy with programs and courses designed to treat specific challnges. Pick up a copy of his free book, "Don't Give Up On Love," to become a better you in your relationships. Joe is known for his positivity, warm personality, and commitment to helping clients live their best lives. Book a free 15-minute Clarity Call with Joe to begin your journey to healing and growth.

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