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September 3, 2021 6:00-9:30 PM CST
September 4, 2021 9:00-4:30 PM CSTa
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Friday September 3, 2021

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Sunday September 5, 2021

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James & Nakia Redmon

Nakia and James Redmon, Jr. are residents of Madison, AL. James grew up in this area while Nakia was born and raised in Jackson, MS. We have 2 beautiful children, a boy (Trey) and girl (London).

Nakia authored her second book, a marriage memoir titled, “I’ll Fight for My Man” sharing the story of our marriage. With allowing God to lead, we decided to host gatherings for couples to bring back the love, fun, and laughter that is offer overshadowed with our daily hustle and bustle routines of working full-time jobs and raising families. Along the way, we were inspired to share our story. The ugliest times in our marriage; but also how we were able to overcome it all: the shame, guilt, and the hurt that transpired.

We’ve witnessed many divorces. Many marriages were short lived and some resembling how we once were. And for some reason (we’ll never understand why), people often commented to us separately how they loved our family and what we represented. We’d be thinking, “Who? Us?” We embarked on a journey of helping other couples to remember the love they once felt beyond the walls that have been built, beyond the kids, the jobs, familities, and things pulling them apart. Together, our goal is to rekindle that fire, re-establish the communication, rebuild the relationship, and restore the fun.

We help couples fight for their marriages.

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Hear how God turned our marriage around in this memior of our marriage and be encouraged to know what He can do for yours.