Join a Life Changing Community

The amazing power of being a part of a positive and therapeutic group accomplishes three things. Firstly, it gives you a sense of what a healthy family feels like where you can get positive nurturing and discipline to help you develop good character traits.

Secondly, it helps you look at yourself as you look and hear from others who share their experience. Change will happen in you as you are moved to tears when you hear someone else’s experience. Within the group you will also be held accountable to be the best you you are striving to be. Lastly, the group gives you an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the lives of others. You sharing your story and providing words of advice will help another traveler on this highway to a happy marriage.

Join a Life Changing Community

The Sizzling Hot Marriage Community will become your family to lean on and help you get through the challenges of this journey. You will feel the love and well wishes that will inspire you on to greater heights in your marriage. You will enjoy regular meetings, virtual retreats, and fabulous destination retreats with the other couples who will support you on your journey to become and stay a Sizzling Hot Marriage.

You're Not Alone

You can begin to feel all alone and isolated in a bad marriage. You get to be with people who know exactly how you feel because they have been exactly where you are. You will keep one another inspired as you experience the peaks and valley's of treatment.

Make Friends

Because you are among others who are seeking to improve their marriage you are among people with like minds who you can gel with. This group is full of positive power couples who are making a difference in the world.

Feel Normal

Being in a unhappy marriage can make you feel like something is wrong with you and that you are not important. In this group setting you will be among others just like yourself. You will get positive peer pressure to be your best self.

Sizzling Hot Marriage Community and Training Hub

Join a Loving Community of Couples Striving to Be a Sizzling Hot Marriage
$ 100 Monthly
  • Bring more fun into your marriage
  • Learn new skills to use to grow you marriage
  • Jump into engaging conversations that will stimulate
  • Stay focused on your marriage attending trainings and marriage events
  • Enjoy access to valuable videos and training materials for your marriage
  • Enjoy traveling to destinations around the world with like-minded couples
  • Enjoy Christian fellowship with other couples striving to be in tune with God
  • Connect with other couples on the same journey to enjoy a Sizzling Hot Marriage

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