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How This Works

This chart shows the 12 milestones for you to achieve on this journey.

The transformation you are guided through in this Inner Healing Group is built on this 12-step model. Once you learn to be Self-Aware, Self-Disciplined, and Self-Controlled, you can obtain the inner peace, joy, and happiness you desire. You will go through the phases of discovering unproductive behaviors, reprogramming and reinterpreting past events, and developing new strategies to produce healthy personal and relational behaviors. These healthy behaviors emanate from a healthy mind.

  1. Identify your triggers and resulting unproductive behaviors, emotions, and underlying beliefs. 
  2. Discover your wounded child’s significant events, resulting beliefs, and role in the Karpman Triangle.
  3. Know your strengths, calling, interests, desires, and God’s ideal for your life.
  4. Declare your new positive mindset – victim/satisfied | poverty/abundance | fear/confidence | weakness/strengths | inadequate/good enough unworthy/worthy | ashamed/proud.
  5. Identify positive rational interpretations of past significant events and present triggers.
  6. Accept your losses by cycling through the grief process.
  7. Master strong personal skills (Take Responsibility for yourself, Relaxation, Emotion Regulation, Effective Grieving, Self-Affirmation, Self-Efficacy, Self-disclosure, Self-evaluation, Problem-solving, Decision making, Self-control, etc.)
  8. Master strong relationship skills (Effective Communication, Positive Interpretation, Perspective Taking, Win-Win Negotiation, De-escalation, Forgiveness, Undivided Attention Time, Agreed on Roles and Responsibilities, Credibility, Confirmation, Compassion, Community, Consistency, Leisure, and Play, Soft Start-Ups)
  9. Pursue your personal and relationship goals (Sincere, Measured, Accountability, Results, Timeline).
  10. Make decisions as your adult self as you retrain your inner child.
  11. Release your inner child to play, explore, and create while championing personal responsibility.
  12. Demonstrate your growth by encouraging others on their journey.
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