Practical Ways Husbands Can Love Their Wife


Showing interest in your wife can significantly contribute to a happy, fulfilling marriage. Here are a few strategies that you can employ:

1. **Listen Actively**: When she talks, give her your full attention. Show that you value what she is saying by providing feedback, asking follow-up questions, and acknowledging her feelings.

2. **Surprise Her**: Small surprises can mean a lot. It could be her favorite dessert, a handwritten note, or anything else you know she loves. This shows that you think about her even when she’s not around.

3. **Ask About Her Day**: A simple inquiry about her day can show that you care about her daily experiences. Make it a habit to talk about each other’s day regularly.

4. **Show Interest in Her Hobbies**: Engage with her hobbies and passions. Even if you don’t share the same interests, you can still ask questions, learn about them, and occasionally participate.

5. **Help Out with Chores**: Helping with chores around the house lightens her load and shows that you appreciate her work.

6. **Plan Dates**: Surprise her with dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant, plan a weekend getaway, or arrange a quiet movie night at home. This keeps your relationship exciting and shows you’re eager to spend quality time with her.

7. **Encourage Her**: Be her biggest fan. Encourage her to pursue her dreams, goals, and interests.

8. **Be Affectionate**: Small gestures of affection can go a long way in showing your love. Hold her hand, hug, kiss, or touch her arm when talking. 

9. **Communicate Openly**: Keep an open line of communication. Discuss your feelings, dreams, plans, and even fears with her.

10. **Remember Important Dates**: Birthdays, anniversaries, or the date of your first meeting; remembering and celebrating these can show that you cherish your shared history.

Remember, it’s essential to maintain these behaviors consistently. Showing genuine interest and care is a long-term commitment, not just a one-time effort.

Sure, here are some ideas of tokens and gestures of touch to express your affection:


1. **Handwritten Letter**: A heartfelt note can be a beautiful token of your love and appreciation.

2. **Photobook**: A custom photo book that captures memorable moments can be a gift.

3. **Favorite Book or Movie**: Give her a copy of a book or movie you know she loves.

4. **Custom Jewelry**: A piece of jewelry, perhaps a pendant or a bracelet with her name or initials.

5. **Spa Voucher**: Let her indulge in self-care with a voucher for a spa day or massage.

6. **Framed Art**: Consider gifting her a framed print if she admires a piece.

7. **Specialty Coffee or Tea**: If she enjoys a good cup of joe or tea, consider buying her a high-quality blend from a specialty shop.

8. **Flowers**: A classic, flowers can brighten her day. Choose her favorite flowers, or go for roses.

9. **A Surprise Date**: Plan a surprise outing to a place she wants to go.

10. **Personalized Gifts**: This could be anything from a custom-made calendar to a pillow with a special quote.

Ways to Touch:

1. **Hold Hands**: This simple gesture can convey deep feelings of affection.

2. **Hug**: Embrace her when she’s happy, sad, or for no reason.

3. **Kiss**: A peck on the lips or the cheek can be very meaningful; don’t reserve it just for romantic moments.

4. **Arm Around Her**: Place your arm around her when sitting or standing next to each other.

5. **Massage**: Offer to massage her shoulder or foot after a long day.

6. **Hair Stroking**: Gently stroking her hair can be soothing and affectionate.

7. **Caress Her Face**: This is a tender way to show love and admiration.

8. **Back Rub**: A nice back rub can be comforting and show you care.

9. **Touch Her Arm**: A gentle touch on the arm during conversation can convey your interest and attention.

10. **Play with Her Hands**: Gently play with her fingers while holding hands.

Respecting her boundaries and ensuring she is comfortable with your touch is always important.

Picture of Joe Follette, Jr., M.Div., M.S., LMFT

Joe Follette, Jr., M.Div., M.S., LMFT

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