Bridges to Intimacy Therapy Companion Course

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Elevate your relationship with the “Bridges to Intimacy Therapy Companion Course,” a dynamic online program to complement your therapy efforts. Through 12 insightful lessons, you’ll learn to communicate more effectively, deepen your emotional connection, and navigate conflicts gracefully, all while fostering personal and relational growth. This course guides you to building a stronger, more intimate bond with your partner.

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Welcome to the “Bridges to Intimacy Therapy Companion Course,” an enriching online program to enhance your relationship through deeper understanding and connection. This meticulously developed course bridges your therapy sessions and daily interactions, offering valuable insights, practical tools, and engaging exercises tailored to fortify your bond.

Over 12 transformative lessons, you and your partner will embark on a guided journey, exploring essential relationship skills such as active listening, emotional validation, conflict resolution, and much more. Each month introduces a new theme, complete with real-life stories, reflective questions, couple discussions, and date ideas, all aimed at deepening your intimacy and understanding.

Key Features:

  • 12 Monthly Themes: Carefully curated to address different aspects of relationship enrichment.
  • Engaging Content: Includes illustrative stories, practical exercises, and interactive activities.
  • Expert Guidance: Drawn from extensive experience in marriage therapy and pastoral care.
  • Comprehensive Skill Building: From foundational communication techniques to advanced emotional intimacy strategies.


  • Strengthen your communication and deepen your emotional connections.
  • Navigate conflicts with compassion and understanding.
  • Foster personal growth within the framework of your relationship.
  • Create a lasting foundation for a fulfilling partnership.

This course is for couples at any stage of their relationship looking to enhance their connection and communication, especially those undergoing therapy seeking to supplement their sessions with practical, everyday strategies.

Embark on this journey towards a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the “Bridges to Intimacy Therapy Companion Course.”

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