Inner Healing Group Monthly Subscription


Join the Inner Healing Group if some unproductive behaviors are causing you problems personally and in your relationships.


Join the Inner Healing Group if some unproductive behaviors are causing you problems personally and in your relationships.

Whether its:

  • overthinking things,
  • procrastination,
  • getting angry too easily,
  • not being able to get over things,
  • avoiding conflict and always running away,
  • bad dreams or flashbacks,
  • focusing too much on people,
  • having difficulty moving on,
  • sabotaging your relationships,
  • overcommitting yourself,
  • impulsivity,
  • perfectionism,
  • multiple broken relationships,
  • unhappy marriage or relationship
  • and the list goes on…

If you are ready to face your issues, this therapist-led group will guide you on your self-healing journey. As you heal yourself, you will heal your relationships.

What You Can Get Out of This

  • Learn How to Relax
  • Regulate Your Emotions Better
  • Enjoy Healthier Relationships
  • Be More Productive
  • Get Rid of that Negativity
  • Stop Being so Paranoid
  • Resolve Some Past Hurts
  • Get Control of Your Anger
  • Heal Your Broken Heart
  • Stay in tough conversations,
  • Stop Overthinking Things
  • Make Some New Friends
  • Grow

Don’t be afraid of the group experience. Everybody is in the program has the same goal –  to improve themselves. You will find the group experience enjoyable and rich. You may even build some positive relationships. You will learn how to heal your inner child and overcome hurts from the past.

The mission of the Inner Healing Group is not to erase your past or forget the hurtful experiences that have shaped you. Rather, it is to find peace and acceptance in who you are today and develop a healthier relationship with yourself so you can move toward a more satisfying marital relationship.

In the Inner Healing Group, you can heal your brokenness and create a healthier, more supportive relationship with your inner child. You can overcome the challenges holding you back in your marital relationships and start living the joyful marriage that you deserve. 

You will cultivate a loving and supportive relationship with your inner child – the part of yourself that carries the wounds and insecurities from your past experiences. Through self-compassion, understanding, and patience, you can learn to heal these wounds and overcome the challenges holding you back from experiencing your best life now.

Overcome the obstacles keeping you from enjoying a happy marriage. Join Now!

Combine individual therapy with your group membership and supercharge your transformation experience.

How It Works

The Inner Healing Group is built on a 12-Step model that takes you through the phases of Discovering your unproductive behaviors, to Reprogramming and reinterpreting past events, and Implementing new strategies to produce healthy personal and relational behaviors.

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