Lifestyle Therapy and Coaching Integrated Treatment Program

Subscription Starts from $250.00 for each 3 months

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Our holistic program is designed to support individuals and couples on their journey towards improved well-being and stronger relationships. It integrates personalized therapy plans, targeted online course series, appropriate assessments, and a unique self-check-in tool to ensure progress towards personal and relational goals.

Services Provided to All Clients:

Personalized Therapy Plan: Tailored sessions, including individual, couple, and group therapy to address specific needs and objectives.
Selected Therapy Companion Course Series: Access to curated online courses that complement the therapy process, enhancing learning and application.
Monthly Milestone Assessments: Regular evaluations to track progress and fine-tune the therapy and learning plan as needed.
Monthly “Stay on Course” Self Check-In Application: A tool for clients to self-assess their progress and maintain focus on their objectives.

Each tier is a three-month subscription to the course selected by your therapist. You can work through the courses at your own pace. Your subscription will renew every three months. You and your therapist will determine when you will move to the next course.


– Focus: Laying the foundation for personal growth and relationship improvement.
– Includes Basic assessments to identify key focus areas.


– Focus: Deepening understanding and connection through more in-depth assessments and enhanced learning materials.
– Includes Advanced assessments for deeper insights.


– Focus: Achieving and sustaining peak relationship health and personal well-being with personalized feedback and comprehensive support.
– Includes Advanced Assessments and Personalized assignment feedback on course activities.

Select the Tier recommended by your therapist and fits your budget. Select Course One if this is your first course, two if it is your second course, and three if it is your third course.

Couples purchase separately so both have access to their own courses.

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Essentials Tier One, Elevated Tier Two, Exceed Tier Three


Course One, Course Two, Course Three