Love Reimagined Workshop


The Love Reimagined Workshop: Mastering the Art of Bringing Love Into Marriage

Join us for an enriching in-person and online experience at The Love Reimagined Workshop. This event offers 4 hours of expert-led, inspirational marriage education. Dive into a blend of clinical and spiritual insights, interactive sessions, and practical tools designed to strengthen and deepen ability to love. Connect with a community of married, dating, and single love seekers. Transform your understanding of love in marriage. Experience a revitalized connection and take home lasting strategies for a more fulfilling partnership. Register now for an opportunity to redefine love in your marriage!

What to Expect:

  • 4 Hours of Inspirational Education: The workshop comprises 4 hours of comprehensive, engaging, and inspirational content focused on marital relationships.
  • Clinical & Spiritual Insights: Gain valuable knowledge combining clinical expertise and spiritual wisdom, providing a well-rounded approach to understanding and enhancing your marriage.
  • Interactive Sessions: Participate in interactive sessions that not only educate but also inspire and challenge you to look at your relationship through a new lens.
  • Expert Guidance: Led by Jos Follette, Jr., Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and spiritual mentor, the workshop offers expert advice and practical tools for nurturing your relationship.
  • Community Building: Connect with other couples who share the same journey towards a deeper, more fulfilling marital connection.
  • Supportive Resources: Receive access to a variety of resources designed to support and guide you long after the summit concludes.


  • Strengthen Your Marriage: Learn how to bring renewed love and understanding into your relationship, addressing common challenges with new strategies.
  • Personal Growth: The workshop is not just about your marriage; it’s also an opportunity for personal development, providing insights that foster emotional and spiritual growth.
  • Lasting Change: Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary for making lasting positive changes in your marital life.


The Love Reimagined Workshop

Mastering the Art of Bringing Love Into Your Marriage

Embark on a transformative journey with The Love Reimagined Workshop, an in-person and online event designed to revolutionize how you perceive and nurture love in marriage. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to delve into the art of enriching the marital bond. If you are married, the Love Reimagined Workshop will help reignite the spark in your marriage. If you are dating or single, you will learn how to nurture the love that makes relationships last. LearnĀ  how to bring love into every aspect of your relationship and take the first step towards a more loving, fulfilling marital journey!

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