Marriage Enrichment Membership Program

$100.00 for each month

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A Ton of Resources to Help You Improve Your Marriage

  • Marriage Design 101 Course (Design your marriage engagement plan with romantic dates, Master Active Listening, Self-Calming, and Problem-Solving)
  • Opportunity to take additional courses (Marriage Design 201, 301, & 401)
  • Virtual and In-person Meetups with other couples
  • Monthly 2-Hour Zoom Coaching Club Meeting with Me
  • The Sizzling Hot Marriage Community and Training Hub, which includes
    • Engaging Conversations and Activities
    • The Sizzling Hot Marriage To-Do List
    • The 14 Communication Blockers
    • The SLAPPS Method to Turn Arguments into Intimacy
    • How to Get Your Spouse to Listen to You Workshop
    • Peer-to-Peer Accountability Groups
    • Daily Marriage-Care Reporting
    • 52-Week Date Planner
  • Discount to Sizzling Hot Marriage REHAB Program
    (On-demand therapist access & monthly community check-ins)
  • Free Tickets to Shows, Retreats, Summits, Conferences, and Workshops
  • 12 Months of Inspiration and Support for YOUR Marriage (Who doesn’t need this?)

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