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Men are under much pressure these days, and many find it difficult to develop deep emotional brotherhood connections with other men. Talking about one’s problems seems to be an admission of weakness. Something men are socialized against. But talking to other men is essential for personal growth and development, healthy family and marital relationships, and overall health, wellness, and longevity.

The Sizzling Hot Marriage Men’s Support Group is for married, divorced, engaged, and single men who desire to be in a meaningful and supportive relationship with other men. This group is focused on Christian African-American men but welcomes members from all creeds and ethnic backgrounds.

Are you struggling to connect emotionally with your wife? Are you struggling to find a wife? Have you recently divorced? Do you need someone to talk to? Have you felt stressed out? Have you been in a tough bind where you just needed someone you could trust to talk things over? Struggling with an addiction, you need to overcome? Are you involved in an affair right now that you can’t figure out how to escape? Would you like to encourage someone on their journey through what you have been through?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this support group might be what you have been looking for. While this group is not a clinical treatment group, you will have direct access to clinical resources if needed.

The social expectations of men often leave them isolated and lonely even in their marriage. Men often struggle with anger issues as they feel so much pressure to fix problems. Too many men are hooked on pornography and struggling with sexual issues.

You are not alone. Men struggle with depression and anxiety too. 

Are you having issues with your kids? Dealing with a hostile work environment? Looking for some career direction? Looking for a job opportunity?

Do you need to get some things off your chest? This group is headed up by licensed marriage and family therapist Joe Follette, Jr., who has helped thousands of men work through addiction, marriage, finances, parenting, employment, family, business, health, spiritual, and other issues. However, the men in this group who come from various backgrounds with varied experiences are tremendous resources for each other. We can help each other reach our personal, relationship, financial, health, and spiritual goals.

This group is for all ages of men – young and old. We can all learn from each other. Fathers need their sons, and sons need their fathers. We can be stronger together.

Join with other men just like you!

In our online group sessions, we will enjoy informative presentations, group activities, lively discussions, breakout groups, and assessments. In our online community, we will enjoy the opportunity to share images and videos of our life’s ups and downs, interesting and educational posts, lively discussions, polls, questions, and events.

We will also enjoy in-person meetups and retreats, father-son retreats, campouts, adventures, mission trips, etc. Other events that involve wives, girlfriends, family, and singles events will also be offered in connection with other Sizzling Hot Marriage offerings.

Join this weekly support group for men who want to provide strong leadership for their families and community.



Would you like to be a founding member of the Sizzling Hot Marriage Men’s Support Group?

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If you want to join this ministry on the ground level and be a part of its success, subscribe now. Once you have completed your subscription, you will be directed to create your affiliate account. Once approved, you will be given another link to join the community platform.

As a founding affiliate, you will earn a commission of 25% of the registration fee from each man you invite to the group. We are more likely to commit to something we are paying for. This opportunity is for men who desire to make this a serious part of their life. And who desire to help others reach their potential.

Looking forward to great fellowship, growth opportunities, and working together to build God’s kingdom.