Sizzling Hot Marriage Live Credibility Course with 10 Therapy Hours


“How to Rebuild CREDIBILITY in Your Marriage” is a program that helps you rebuild trust in your relationship. You’ll learn why trust was lost, how to heal emotionally, set boundaries, and maintain healthy communication. We’ll alternate between instruction and review assignments, advancing your relationship each quarter. You can establish a stronger, healthier relationship focusing on communication and problem-solving. This comes with 10 hours of therapy.


In numerous relationships, the damage inflicted upon trust has left little belief that one’s partner can meet their needs or change for the better. In cases of abuse or infidelity, love’s existence may even be questioned. Rebuilding trust necessitates a concerted effort from both partners to revive their marriage. Couples can increase their confidence in their union by giving their relationship the attention it deserves. Shifting their focus towards their marriage helps to neutralize negative perceptions and positions them for success. Couples committed to reversing the situation often seek professional assistance and devote their time, energy, and financial resources to achieving their desired personal and interpersonal transformation.

The program “How to Rebuild CREDIBILITY in Your Marriage” will help you understand why trust was lost in your relationship, heal emotionally, set healthy boundaries, rebuild trust, and maintain open communication. This comprehensive recovery path involves learning and practicing, with a balance of instruction and review assignments. Over the course of the program, we will gradually advance your relationship to the next level, focusing on improving your communication and problem-solving skills in the context of the topic we cover each quarter. Consistent effort and dedication can rebuild credibility in your marriage and establish a foundation for a stronger and healthier relationship.

This version of the course comes with 10 hours of therapy.