Sizzling Hot Marriage Prep Phase I without 1-1

Subscription Starts from $100.00 for each week with 12 installments

This 12-Month program is designed to help you feel confident you are making the right decision to get married and prepare for a Sizzling Hot Marriage. You will become effective communicators and be equipped to work through any challenge together.

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Program Components

  • Relationship Assessment
  • 13-Week “Are we right for each other” Course
  • Weekly Lesson Review Classes and Skills Coaching
  • Weekly Sizzling Hot Marriage Couple’s Devotional
  • Networking with other couples
  • Retreats and Meetups
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Annual membership in the Sizzling Hot Marriage Community

Phase I Payment Options

  • Three monthly payments of $400

This 12-Month program is designed to help you feel confident you are making the right decision to get married (or go your separate ways). You will become effective communicators and be able to work through any challenge together. Each week provides a deep dive into different aspects of topics you will encounter during your marriage. This program aims to help you build a strong foundation for a lasting marriage. The program is broken up into five phases:

Phase I: Are we a good match? This phase is designed to help you feel confident getting married is the right thing for you to do. This most intensive phase lasts 13 weeks. You will decide to move forward in the program together or individually. This phase requires you to attend a weekly training class, 20-minute daily meetings with each other, planned weekly dates, weekly discussion posts, and weekly homework reviews. This phase concludes with a graduation and meetup opportunity. If you split up, you move into the marriage prep/individual program to complete the year.

Phase II: Build the foundation for a strong marriage. This phase is about helping you develop credibility, confirmation, compassion, community, and consistency in your relationship. With these five stones supporting your marriage, you can have a Sizzling Hot Marriage. This and the following stages require a monthly training session, weekly homework and discussions, occasional workshops, retreats, and meetups.

Phase III: Develop a Sizzle Mindset. During this phase, you will be doing mindset work to transform how you think about yourself and others. You will shift in thinking about being hopeful, committed, flexible, available, calm, talkative, sexy, healthy, mindful, and God-centered.

Phase IV: Love in each other’s love language. Learning each other’s love language and actually doing it are two different things. In this phase, you will practice and perfect loving each other how you want to be loved. After this phase, you graduate and become an alum of the program.

Phase V: Continued Growth and Development. This phase provides support as you transition into marriage and beyond. As an alum of the program, you get to support other couples through the program. During this phase, you will engage in continued education and growth opportunities. You will enjoy virtual and in-person retreats, conferences, seminars, workshops, and summits.

Optional Program Addon: You will develop a financial plan for your wedding and marriage. If you two are go-getters, you can opt into the Build Your Dream Business program and receive coaching to create a wealth-generation system. The objective of this program is to help you produce at least $35,000 by the end of the program. Enough to cover the program’s cost and your wedding and become an established income stream into the future.

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