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8-Week Marriage Intimacy Challenge

$20.00 for each week with 8 installments

Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab Elite

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Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab – SAVE GROW LOVE

Subscription Starts from $3,300.00 for now and $800.00 for each month with 12 installments

Is your marriage on the rocks? Want to turn things around?

The Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab is an 18-month 3-part program designed to train you how to be happily married. We are so confident in our program that we offer a money-back guarantee. If you do the work, you will get the outcomes you desire.

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The 18-month Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab program is broken up into three 6-month modules: SAVE, GROW, and LOVE. You may select to do a single module or any combination of modules based on your needs. (ie. the SAVE module alone, the SAVE and GROW module, the GROW module alone, or the GROW and LOVE modules together.)

The SAVE module is for couples who are on the brink of divorce. Usually, a crisis drives couples into treatment when they realize they must do something about their marriage. For most couples, there has been an erosion of trust from awful fights, broken promises, infidelity, and/or a loss of emotional connection. During these first six months treatment is designed to interrupt the toxic patterns that have developed over the course of their relationship. During this stage couples dealing with infidelity complete the ‘Fix Your Marriage After Infidelity Course’ and couples dealing with high conflict complete the ‘Nasty No More Course’. Couples who have experienced infidelity go through the six steps of healing from infidelity. Couples who are experiencing high conflict go through the 11 steps of healing from conflict.

During the GROW module, couples get a relationship assessment, individual and couple therapy, and complete the 16-week Stop Arguing Course. Couples commit to spending five hours of undivided attention focusing on each other and completing the assignments in these lessons.

The LOVE module is for couples who desire to experience the highest levels of intimacy and synchronicity in their marriage. During this stage, couples take a deep dive into understanding and practicing the ten principles of the Sizzle Mindset. The training during this module takes couples to the level of loving their marriage.

Couples struggling with deeper issues require discovery and deep healing. This may include co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, anger issues, substance abuse, ADHD, personality disorders, and other diagnosed or undiagnosed disorders. These couples must complete the SAVE stage prior to the GROW or LOVE module. With their purchase, couples get a 12-month membership in Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab which includes 2 monthly group coaching calls.

While going through these modules couples are developing the mindset to sustain a happy marriage. Along the journey, couples develop strong supportive relationships with other couples in the Sizzling Hot Marriage Community.

Program Objectives

  1. Identify and resolve the underlying factors contributing to your marital unhappiness
  2. Transform your view of marital roles and responsibilities
  3. Reduce emotion dysregulation and modify dysfunctional behavior patterns in your marriage
  4. Decrease emotional avoidance and eliminate arguing
  5. Rebuild trust, forgiveness, commitment, and companionship
  6. Improve communication and conflict resolution skills
  7. Enhance marital intimacy and sexual relationship
  8. Increase recognition of individual and relationship strengths
  9. Improve your marital support system
  10. Create a second-order change that sustains a positive relationship till death do you part.

Program Components

The program is built using multiple therapeutic methods designed to give the individual and the couple every opportunity to make the mindset shifts needed to enjoy a mutually satisfying marriage. This includes:

  • Screenings and Assessment
  • Unlimited Individual and Couple Therapy (1 to 2 hours weekly as needed)
  • Group Coaching (Sizzling Hot Marriage Club and Check-in 1.5 to 2 hours each session)
  • Weekly Couple’s Devotional (30 minutes to one hour)
  • Psychoeducation (Online lessons)
  • Skills Coaching (1 hour weekly as needed)
  • Weekly Care Coordinator Check-ins (5 minutes weekly as needed)
  • Sizzling Hot Marriage Community membership
  • Telegram Messaging (support/inspiration)
  • 24/7 Access to Resources Hub (Topical Content and Resources to inspire and educate you)
  • Access to Workshops and Events
  • Discounted Rates for Conferences/Retreats
  • Money-Back Guarantee*

*We guarantee if you both do the work you will get the results.


  • Telegram 24/5 (Chat/Voice Support)
  • Facebook Group 24/5
  • Email 24/5
  • Live Q&A at the end of each group call
  • Emergency Access to 1-on-1 support with a Coach

Couple’s Commitment

  1. We recommit to our marriage 
  2. We will make our marriage our priority
  3. We will commit to completing this contracted stage in the Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab program
  4. We will forgive each other for past hurts so we can move forward into a bright new future together 
  5. We will not abandon each other emotionally, financially, or physically in threat or action
  6. We acknowledge our bad behaviors and will do whatever is necessary to restore confidence in our love 
  7. We will make each other’s life better by focusing on meeting each other’s needs and loving in each other’s love language
  8. We will be patient with each other in this transformation process
  9. We will take turns planning at least 5 hours of undivided attention dating each week and rebuilding our intimacy
  10. We will complete all lessons and homework assignments given in an earnest effort to learn how to love the way we need each other to
  11. We will attend and fully participate in scheduled individual and couple coaching/therapy sessions
  12. We will make every effort to attend and participate in the first and third Sunday online group coaching sessions respecting all the group rules
  13. We will take all required assessments 
  14. We will fulfill any financial agreements with JC Enterprise Group, Inc.

Fees and Payments

Each 6-month module is $12,000. Payment plans include 2-payments 30 days apart, 3-payments 30 days apart, 4-payments 30 days apart, 6-payments 30 days apart, and 12 payments 30 days apart.

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Payment Plan

One Module 12 Payments, One Module 2 Payments, One Module 3 Payments, One Module 4 Payments, One Module 6 Payments, One Module Full Payment, Three Modules 18 Payments, Three Modules 2 Payments, Three Modules 4 Payments, Three Modules Full Payment, Two Modules 12 Payments, Two Modules 2 Payments, Two Modules 3 Payments, Two Modules 4 Payments, Two Modules Full Payment