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Sizzling Hot Marriage Basic Training

$150.00 for now and $75.00 for each month with 11 installments

Sizzling Hot Marriage Communication and Trust Rebuilding Module

Subscription Starts from $2,000.00 for now and $834.00 for each 2 weeks with 12 installments
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Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab – Stage 2

Subscription Starts from $1,000.00 for each 2 weeks with 12 installments

Is your marriage on the rocks? Want to turn things around?

The Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab is a 6-month program designed to train you how to be happily married. We are so confident in our program that we offer a money-back guarantee. If you do the work, you will get the outcomes you desire.

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The Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab is a 12-month treatment program for couples who desire to not only save their marriage but to thrive. Most couples entering this program have seriously considered divorce but have determined that is not what they desire. They want to have a vibrant fulfilling marriage and have determined to take the next six months to rebuild trust, overcome addictions and learn new ways of communicating, thinking, and behaving. Stage 2 is for couples with severe injuries, including infidelity, addictions, mental/emotional challenges, and domestic abuse.

Program Outcomes

  1. Identify and resolve the underlying factors contributing to your marital unhappiness
  2. Transform your view of marital roles and responsibilities
  3. Reduce emotion dysregulation and modify dysfunctional behavior patterns in your marriage
  4. Decrease emotional avoidance and eliminate arguing
  5. Rebuild trust, forgiveness, commitment, and companionship
  6. Improve communication and conflict resolution skills
  7. Enhance marital intimacy and sexual relationship
  8. Increase recognition of individual and relationship strengths
  9. Improve your marital support system
  10. Create a second-order change that sustains a positive relationship till death do you part.

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