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Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab VIP

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Sizzling Hot Marriage Prep Course

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The Stop Arguing Course (Self-Study)

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Introducing, a 16 week course to transform how you relate to one another.

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This series of 16 lessons will teach you how to communicate better with each other. It will help you eliminate those bad habits you have developed that are causing many problems in your marriage.

Here are some of the lesson titles in the first week of the course:

  • The Sizzle Mindset Blueprint
  • Record Your Why
  • Identify your Strengths and Growth areas
  • Develop Your Goals and Vision for Your Marriage
  • Sizzle Mindset Secret 1 – Be Committed
  • The Five Pillars of a Sizzling Hot Marriage
  • Weekly Dates with Your Spouse
  • Spiritual Application – Week 1
  • Week 1 Date

Course Objectives

  1. Identify and resolve the underlying factors contributing to your marital unhappiness.
  2. Transform your view of marital roles and responsibilities
  3. Reduce emotion dysregulation and modify dysfunctional behavior patterns in your marriage
  4. Decrease emotional avoidance and eliminate arguing
  5. Rebuild trust, forgiveness, commitment, and companionship
  6. Improve communication and conflict resolution skills
  7. Enhance marital intimacy and sexual relationship
  8. Increase recognition of individual and relationship strengths
  9. Improve your marital support system
  10. Create a second-order change that sustains a positive relationship till death do you part.

Course Limitations

The Stop Arguing Course overviews everything you will need to be a Sizzling Hot Marriage. Couples may have more severe issues to be treated and would benefit from individual and couple therapy.

Take the Next 16 Weeks to Level Up Your Marriage!

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