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Unlocking Your Potential Through Marriage and Family Therapy

Whether individually or with other family members, marriage and family therapy provides a unique opportunity to explore the issues that stand in the way of achieving your goals. This type of therapy is conducted by professional therapists trained to ask specific questions that help uncover patterns, beliefs, and other underlying causes of distress. The therapist then uses various interventions to assist the patient in meeting their goals.

Generally, therapy sessions last for one hour; however, shorter or longer sessions can be arranged to accommodate busy schedules better. The number of hours needed for the treatment depends on the individual’s treatment goals, usually determined during a free consultation.

Through marriage and family therapy, individuals can unlock their potential and move toward greater personal well-being and satisfaction with life. You can make lasting changes toward a happier future by speaking with experienced professionals about the things that matter most.

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One Hour with Joe

Brief Intervention
$ 350 Per Hour
  • Problem Solving
  • Encouragement
  • Motivation

Ten Hours with Joe

Level 2 Intervention
$ 2,500 Ten Hours
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Advanced Communication Training
  • Address Deeper Issues

Four Hours with Joe

Level 1 Intervention
$ 1000 Four Hours
  • Resolve Minor Conflict
  • Basic Communication Training
  • Get Help Making a Decision


Three Months with Joe

Level 3 Intervention
$ 3,500 Three Months
  • Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills
  • Resolve Sexual Problems
  • Build Relationship Confidence
  • 14 Hours of Therapy & Coaching

Six Months with Joe

Level 4 Intervention
$ 12,000 Six Months
  • Breakup Prevention
  • Trust Recovery
  • Dependency Reversal
  • 48 Hours of Therapy & Coaching

VIP Elite

Personalized Care
$ 25,000 Three Months
  • Three Days of Coaching Monthly
  • Joe Comes to You
  • Connect with Joe As Needed
  • As many hours as needed

Inner Healing Program

Take the Next 12 Months to Become a Better You
$ 50 Per Month
  • Build Self-esteem/Self-confidence
  • Recover from Grief and Trauma
  • Reset and Rest Your Brain

The Wellness Plan

Next Level Living
$ 120 Annual Fee
  • Community Support
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Personal Development



Marriage and Family Therapist Joseph L. Follette, Jr. shares that couples can have a passionate marriage by being great lovers. This straight to the point guide to enriching your marriage and sex life offers helpful perspectives and strategies that you can use now to make a difference in your marriage. Extracted from years of clinical, personal and pastoral experience, you will find that these secrets really work. You will learn how to keep your marriage fresh and exciting. This marriage help book will make a difference in your marriage because it will help you be different. It contains many Bible references to help you learn from the source of marriage. This is a self-help guide for becoming a better lover.

This paperback book is FREE. Just pay shipping and handling.


Joe interviews 21 marriage experts who share what they have learned that makes love last. Gain valuable insight and inspiration that can help you make your marriage better.

  • Al & Autumn Ray
  • Brad & Heidi Mitchell
  • Dustin & Heidi Riechmann
  • Gil & Brenda Stuart
  • Jay & Laura Laffoon
  • Jen Williamson
  • Judy Herman
  • Keana Mitchell
  • Kim Nolan-Logan
  • Linda Bloom
  • Marcia Naomi Berger
  • Melissa Orlov
  • Nakia Redmon
  • Paula Kettula
  • Roland & Susie Hill
  • Rufus & Jenny Triplett
  • Scott LaPierre
  • Seth & Melanie Studley
  • Shawn & Caleen Howard
  • Susan Campbell
  • Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo


Don’t allow infidelity to destroy your marriage. Joe interviews three infidelity experts who share insights to help you recover from infidelity. You need to learn what to do and what not to do to make the best decisions during this critical time in your marriage.

During this workshop, you will chart your path from where you are to becoming a Sizzling Hot Marriage. You will identify the type of affair you had and discover what it will take to rebuild trust. Even if you are not fully committed to rebuilding the marriage, this workshop will guide your decision moving forward.

Interviewed Experts

  • Andrew McConaghie
  • Brad & Heidi Mitchell
  • Monique Thompson