Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab

Make a 9-Month Deposit into Your Marriage

Program Components

Enroll Now in this live video marriage coaching program with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Joe Follette, Jr. Joe has helped hundreds of couples learn how to communicate effectively and enjoy a happier marriage. See what a difference this program can make in your marriage.

This 9-month coaching program will help you learn what it takes to become a harmonious couple and guide you on a wonderful journey to improved communication and deepened intimacy. You will get to know each other better and come to agreement on issues that have kept you apart. During this program you will enjoy online lessons, assignments, dates, and interaction with others in the program. Joe will meet with you weekly in your live interactive class via video conferencing. If you can’t make the live session you can watch the video and audio replays. You will gain a lot from your individual and couple sessions along the way. You can ask questions and get the intervention you’ve been needing.

***Please schedule your BREAKTHROUGH SESSION before making your purchase.***

Program Bundles

Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab

1. Select the rehab plan that works for you.
2. Select the therapy plan that works for you. Combination plans are also available.


$ 5,000
  • Lifetime membership in our weekly live Interactive online group coaching classes (Sundays at 6PM CST)
  • 16 week Stop Arguing Course (Therapeutic lessons that are essential to you learning how to think and behave better in your marriage)
  • Weekly Monday Morning Couple's Devotional with Joe (an opportunity to stay focused spiritually during your transformation process)


$ 7,000
  • Everything in the GOLD plan plus:
  • The Sizzle Mindset Marriage Retreat (All expense paid luxury retreat with other Sizzling Hot couples who are seeking to create a safe space for deeper intimacy)
  • The Sizzling Hot Marriage Summit (Enjoy this all expense paid weekend with other Sizzling Hot Marriage couples celebrating your marriage at an Exotic Luxury resort.)
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$ 12,000
  • Everything included in the Diamond Plan plus:
  • Concierge access to Joe to answer your questions and address emergent issues
  • Luxury accommodations and spa during marriage retreats.
  • If you are using health insurance for therapy do not purchase a plan that includes therapy. Select the $200 therapy plan after you purchase your rehab plan.
  • No refunds after purchase! This is a challenging 9-month commitment! You may be highly motivated today to save your marriage. However, if after a few weeks it gets so difficult you change your mind about working on your marriage in this program, your financial obligation will remain. You are making a statement by purchasing this program – “Our marriage is in trouble and we are willing to settle down for nine months to focus on saving it.” I am confident, if you work this program the program will work for you. I offer a money-back guarantee that this program will work for your marriage if you work the program.
  • Individual and Couple Therapy is a vital component of the Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab. Select the number of hours of therapy for your initial purchase. Additional hours can be purchased as needed.
    ***Please schedule your BREAKTHROUGH SESSION before making your purchase.***