Introducing, a 12 week course to deepen your intimacy and enjoy your marriage again!

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Dear couple struggling to stay CONNECTED

Are you trying to not be discouraged about your marriage?

 Are you wishing you could feel those in love feelings again?

Are you ready for a peaceful and harmonious marriage?

Would you like to be the next Sizzling Hot Marriage?

I’ve helped hundreds of couples turn their marriage around and enjoy each other again. I even did it in my own marriage. I want to help you enjoy your marriage again.


I will help you develop a Sizzle Mindset so you can be the next Sizzling Hot Marriage in town!


You will learn the 8 levels of intimacy you need to achieve so you can enjoy your marriage again and develop the personality traits of happy couples.

The Mindset Shifts You Will Acquire on this Journey

Be Committed

You will improve how you communicate your commitment to your spouse. You will learn how to speak affirmatively to each other.

Be Flexible

You will learn to make the adjustments you need to make to improve your relationship with each other.

Be Available

You will adjust your schedule to make time for your marriage and giving each other your undivided attention.

Be Calm

You will learn how to keep your cool and express your emotions in a healthy and productive manner.

Be Talkative

You will improve how you talk to each other and enjoy deeper and more meaningful conversations.

Be Sexy

You will agree on the quality and quantity of your sexual experiences and deepen your emotional connection with each other.

Be Mindful

You will be more thoughtful toward each other being careful to check in and affirm your love.

Be God-Centered

You will open up to mutually explore your spiritual nature and create positive rituals to strengthen and improve your marriage.

Program Structure

  • 12 Weekly 90 minute Coaching Sessions via Zoom with other couples going through the program
  • Bi-weekly Couple and Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Weekly Homework Assignments that includes going out on dates and posting in the community
  • Spending a minimum of Five Hours each week working on the program together
  • Monthly Sizzling Hot Marriage Club meetings on the First Sunday at 6:00 pm CST

Become A Lifetime Member Of A Life Changing Marriage Community

When you sign up for the Sizzle Mindset Masterclass you get an annual subscription to the Sizzling Hot Marriage Club which meets on the first Sunday evening of each month at 6PM CST. This class is like a marriage retreat each month. Joe will teach on various marriage topics, you’ll play games with the other couples and enjoy entertainment from time to time. This will be an opportunity long after your masterclass has finished to keep your marriage fresh. The Sizzling Hot Marriage  Community will help you build your positive support system for your marriage. You will become family with the other couples who will help you get through the challenges of this journey. You will feel the love and well wishes that will inspire you to greater heights in your marriage.


I’m Joe Follette, Jr. LMFT. I would love to meet you and be your guide to be a better you and an amazing marriage. In fact, I want you to be a Sizzling Hot Marriage. I’m going to help you transform your marriage. Change takes time. But I ask, are you planning to spend a lifetime together? Go on this journey with me to improve your marriage. Are  you willing to invest in your marriage? Take the next12 weeks joining my masterclass and you will see what a difference it will make in your life.

 I look forward to seeing you happy again. Don’t second guess yourself. If your heart tells you this is your moment to turn your marriage around, this is your moment. Do it now! And get started immediately working on protecting the most important investment you will ever make – your marriage.