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With your purchase of this service you acknowledge that:

  1. You are voluntarily purchasing these services.
  2. You recognize that no refunds will be available after your purchase. You are making a commitment of your time and money. 
  3. You recognize that the outcome of this program is dependent upon the actions of you and your spouse. You will not hold this program, its author, or JC Enterprise Group, Inc. liable for what happens in your marriage and how you chose to interpret what you hear or read.
  4. You are committing to work on your marriage. You are committing to attend each session or watch the replay. You are committing to complete each challenge and practice daily the skills taught. 
  5. You will not share, copy or post these materials or your login information with others. You will protect the copyright of the author.
  6. You will be a responsible member of the Sizzling Hot Marriage community being careful to use respectful language.
  7. Your signature represents the consent of both spouses to these terms.

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Signed by Joseph L. Follette, Jr.
Signed On: April 18, 2021

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