Sizzling Hot Inspiration for the Day #26


Sizzling Hot Inspiration Day #26 – Break Bad Habits – Joe Follette Jr.

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Hi I am licensed marriage and family therapist Joe Follette Jr. with your sizzling hot inspiration for the day. Everybody has bad habits they need to break. Everybody makes promises to themselves and others that they are going to do better. Here’s the catch – everybody doesn’t keep trying after they have failed to overcome that habit. Most of settle in and say “It is what it is” and resolve to be happy with the way things are. Let me encourage you to try again.

Try to break that bad habit again. Don’t settle for mediocricy. Determine to achieve what you want to have in your life. If at first try, second try, third try you don’t succeed – try again. You may be divorced a second time. You don’t want to be a third time loser so you start to say “I’m done with relationships, I’m going to be happy by myself.” Don’t give up on a happy marriage because you have failed before. Your future doesn’t have to look like your past. Try again!

You might want to get some coaching or therapy to make sure you address your issues. But don’t give up. What ever you want you can achieve. Or at least die trying. Try to break that habit, get that goal – again!



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Joe Follette, Jr., M.Div., M.S., LMFT

Joe Follette, Jr., a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 25 years of experience, founded Lifestyle Therapy & Coaching in Huntsville, Alabama. He combines his background as a former pastor with his therapeutic expertise to help adults achieve fulfilling marriages. He works with individuals, couples, families, and more. He offers virtual therapy with programs and courses designed to treat specific challnges. Pick up a copy of his free book, "Don't Give Up On Love," to become a better you in your relationships. Joe is known for his positivity, warm personality, and commitment to helping clients live their best lives. Book a free 15-minute Clarity Call with Joe to begin your journey to healing and growth.

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