Are you ready to build a fun and strong Sizzling Hot Marriage that lasts a lifetime?

Join this exciting series of five courses, where you’ll discover the power of togetherness and create a bond that can withstand any challenge. Your journey will commence with the utilization of the Don’t Give Up On Love Workbook, which serves as an introduction to the fundamental principles of cultivating a vibrant and fulfilling marriage.

  1. Credible Hearts: The Path to a Happier Marriage
  2. Confirmed Love: Strengthening Commitment and Communication in Your Marriage
  3. Love Connectors: Strengthening Your Marriage with Kindness
  4. Soul Companions: Fostering a Thriving and Supportive Community in Your Marriage
  5. Lasting Love: Nurturing Stability and Harmony in Your Marriage

You’ll learn how to cultivate a sense of adventure, strengthen your teamwork skills, and infuse your marriage with joy and laughter through engaging activities and interactive discussions. Develop consistency, meet needs, and resolve conflicts constructively to foster intimacy and a strong, fulfilling marriage. Discover the power of togetherness and create a bond that can withstand any challenge. Let’s embark on this journey together and build an unbreakable, Sizzling Hot Marriage!

Course Objectives:

1. Foster Consistency: Develop consistency in your actions and commitments within your marriage. Learn strategies to keep agreements, meet each other’s needs, and follow through on promises, creating a sense of stability and reliability. You’ll build trust, deepen intimacy, and create a strong, fulfilling marriage by fostering consistency.

2. Enhance Conflict Resolution Skills: Learn constructive ways to resolve conflicts and disagreements within your relationship. Explore effective communication techniques, active listening, and problem-solving strategies that promote understanding and mutual respect. By mastering conflict resolution skills, you’ll nurture a healthy and positive environment for resolving differences and strengthening your bond.

3. Cultivate a Sense of Adventure: Infuse your marriage with a sense of adventure and excitement. Explore activities and experiences that bring joy, spontaneity, and novelty into your relationship. By embracing adventure, you’ll create memorable moments, foster a deeper connection, and keep the spark alive in your marriage.

4. Strengthen Teamwork Skills: Develop strong teamwork skills within your marriage. Explore collaborating, supporting each other’s goals, and working towards shared objectives. By cultivating teamwork, you’ll create a solid foundation of mutual support, cooperation, and shared decision-making, leading to a stronger and more fulfilling marriage.

5. Embrace Joy and Laughter: Prioritize joy and laughter as essential elements of a fun and strong marriage. Learn techniques to infuse humor, playfulness, and lightheartedness into your relationship. Embracing joy and laughter create a vibrant, positive atmosphere, fostering a deeper emotional connection and enhancing marital satisfaction.

Some of the skills you will learn in this course:

1️⃣ Empathetic Response
2️⃣ Cognitive Reframing
3️⃣ Active Listening
4️⃣ Affirmation
5️⃣ Perspective Taking
6️⃣ Assertiveness
7️⃣ Problem-Solving
8️⃣ Appropriate Laughter
9️⃣ Emotion Sensing
🔟 Negotiation
1️⃣1️⃣ Healthy Boundaries/Priorities
1️⃣2️⃣ Expectation Exploration
1️⃣3️⃣ Tangible Support
1️⃣4️⃣ Encouragement
1️⃣5️⃣ Self-soothing
1️⃣6️⃣ Forgiveness

Throughout the program, you’ll engage in activities, discussions, and exercises designed to promote community, consistency, adventure, teamwork, and joy within your marriage. By the end of this marriage training program, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to build a fun and strong marriage squad, cultivating a bond that can withstand any challenge and creating a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment together.

How the Program Works

Throughout this program, you will have access to a comprehensive range of resources and support. This includes a combination of assessments, online lessons, therapy and coaching (individual and couple), group therapy, and chat/text support as needed per couple. During active treatment, you will receive weekly individual and couple therapy sessions, providing the guidance and support you need to progress. As you progress toward your goals, the frequency of individual and couple therapy sessions will gradually decrease.

We encourage you to commit to this transformative journey until you complete your courses, are recommended for graduation, and feel ready to graduate to the next program module. On average, plan on dedicating at least 6 months to complete the 5 courses. Upon graduation, you will have the option to purchase a follow-up therapy plan to support your continued progress.

Please be aware that even though you are not currently bound by a contract, it is highly recommended to refrain from prematurely discontinuing your treatment. Consistency and commitment to the process are essential for achieving significant results. It’s important to remember that change takes time, and seeking a quick fix may not lead to lasting transformation. The program offers a comprehensive support system designed for long-term success in your marriage. By staying connected and actively involved, you can unlock the key to maintaining a fulfilling relationship in the long run. Embrace the opportunity to participate in retreats and conferences, which will help keep your marriage rejuvenated and enjoyable. Cultivate lifelong friendships that foster personal and marital growth, providing invaluable support along the way. Don’t allow misunderstandings or individuals you may not initially resonate with to discourage you from embracing this support system for your marriage. If you and your partner are facing difficulties, resist the temptation to withdraw. Instead, strive to remain connected and engaged.

Investing in your marital success is investing in yourself. Our fee structure is as follows:

  • $3,600 Phase I -Assessment and Stabilization (First three months) Assessments, course, individual & couple therapy, group therapy, and text/chat support.
  • $1,950 Phase II – Repair and Rebuilding (Three months at a time) Course, individual & couple therapy, group therapy, and text/chat support.
  • $1,650 Phase III – Consolidation and Future Planning (Three months at a time) Course, follow-up therapy, group therapy, and text/chat support.
  • $7,625 Annual – The Long Game (12 months discount) Assessments, courses, individual and couple therapy, group therapy, and text/chat support.
  • Assessments, Group therapy, & Course Only: $1,000 / $150 monthly
  • Graduate Monthly Fee (Group therapy & Course Only): $150 monthly

The Path to a Healthy Marriage Program Modules

  1. The Inner Healing Journey: Enhance emotional maturity and well-being in preparation to be a great partner.
  2. Dating Well: Navigate the dating process and make informed choices.
  3. Dating on Purpose: Understand your own identity to easily identify compatible matches.
  4. Sizzling Hot Marriage Prep: Strengthen compatibility and communication skills for a lasting partnership.
  5. The Don’t Give Up On Love Workbook: A Sizzling Hot Marriage Primer
  6. Together Forever: Build a solid foundation and develop the mindset for a successful and fulfilling marriage.
  7. Loving Leadership: Applying the Principles of Love in the Workplace, Church, and Home.
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