What You Will Learn

  • Chart your path from where you are right now to become a Sizzling Hot Marriage.

  • Identify the type of affair you had and discover what it will take to rebuild trust.

  • Re-evaluate your commitment to your marriage

  • Provide some guidance for your decision moving forward. 

The Phases of Recovery

Phase 1: Secrecy
Phase 2: Discovery & Disclosure
Phase 3: Reaction & Crisis
Phase 4: Understanding & Clarity
Phase 5: Apology & Grieving
Phase 6: Forgiving & Healing
Phase 7: Hope
Phase 8: Cooperation & Reconnecting
Phase 9: Rebuilding (Addressing Unresolved Issues, Trust & Addiction Recovery)
Phase 10: Intimacy Achieved = Sizzling Hot Marriage!

The Types of Affairs

  1. The Conflict Avoidance Affair
  2. Intimacy Avoidance Affair
  3. Individual Stage Affair
  4. Sexual Addiction Affair
  5. Accidental-Brief Affair
  6. Philandering & Other Individual Tendencies
  7. Retribution Affair
  8. Bad Marriage Affair
  9. Exit Affair
  10. Parallel Lives Affair
  11. Online Affair

OUR Program Can Help If:

  • Both of you are committed to working on your marriage
  • Both of you are open to traditional Christian values (You don’t have to be a Christian)
  • The husband or wife has broken the other’s trust and is willing to enter addiction recovery therapy if necessary
  • The betrayed spouse has issued an ultimatum to the betrayer to discontinue the destructive behaviors or to end the marriage
  • Both of you are open to at least a year in therapy (Affair recovery is a marathon, not a sprint)
  • Both of you are committed to the financial and time commitment required

What It Takes To Rebuild Trust

  • Decisiveness
  • A commitment to Radical Opennes and Honesty
  • A commiitment to creating a Safe Emotional Space
  • Love, Patience and Grace
  • Being Coachable and Teachable
  • Dedication to the Process
  • Resourcefulness

Let's GET started

Take the next 8 weeks to accomplish the first 8 phases of recovery