Your Marriage Needs Saving

Your results indicated that your marriage is in serious trouble. Without intervention you are fearful your marriage may end. You still love each other and believe your marriage can still work. You are willing to do whatever is necessary to make it work. You are willing to submit to a treatment program for an extended period of time to give your marriage the best opportunity to not only survive but to thrive.

The Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab will give your marriage the opportunity to heal and grow into all that you have hoped it to be. Take the next 9 months to focus on rebuilding and restoring the love you started out with. And if you are unsure if your marriage can make it, this program will reveal the truth of your commitment to each other.

***Please schedule a BREAKTHROUGH SESSION with me before making your purchase.***

Who Needs This?

You're in trouble if...

About Joe

Hi! My name is Joe Follette, Jr. I’m excited that you are here. I help couples on the brink of divorce rediscover their love story and live happily ever after. Is that what you want? Keep reading and I’ll show you how I can help you become the nest Sizzling Hot Marriage in town!

Multifaceted Approach To Restore Intimacy

The interaction of all these treatment modalities helps you experience the mindset shifts needed to erase the negativity, become a loving partnership and create a happy home.

Join a Life Changing Community

The Sizzling Hot Marriage Community will become your family to lean on and help you get through the challenges of this journey. You will feel the love and well wishes that will inspire you on to greater heights in your marriage.

What Couples Say

What couples say about the program

"This program has forced us to learn how to communicate with one another. It has taught us skills to sustain our marriage over the long haul."
"Joe is such an inspiration to us, he says what we can't voice, doesn't make us feel we are weird or crazy, make us feel human and we can get past and through things."
Barry and Shelley
'We were not happily married. Because of this program, we were now happily married."
Shanek and Boris
"This course is no joke the real thing. Our marriage was in real trouble but Joe has been amazing. We are actually happily married. Can't believe it!"

Make a 9-month Deposit Into Your Marriage

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Sign up for this awesome program created to help you reignite that passionate fire between you. You can finally stop arguing and create the intimacy and closeness you signed up for. Join the hundreds of couples Joe has helped save thier marriage. Yours can be next!

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