Your Marriage Needs Tweaking

Your results indicated that you have hit a patch in your marriage that requires some professional help to get through. You need troubleshooting, training and accountability to help you through it. My Sizzle Mindset Master’s Class is an eight week class that will help you address your communication issues and identify new paths toward peace and harmony. 

Maybe you are going through a marital adjustment right now. Maybe you have moved to a new location, just had kids, you are now empty nesters, or recovering from an illness. Or you just hit a rough patch out of nowhere. This class is designed to help you talk through your issues and find resolutions. You will not only get top-notch training but you will be able to ask questions and get the answers you need. If during this class you realize your marriage needs more help than you thought, the purchase price of this class can be deducted from the next level of care.

***Please schedule your BREAKTHROUGH SESSION before making your purchase.***

Introducing, an 8 week course to deepen your intimacy and enjoy your marriage again!

My next cohort starts Tuesday 4/27/21 at 6PM CST7

Dear couple struggling to stay CONNECTED

Are you trying to not be discouraged about your marriage?

 Are you wishing you could feel those in love feelings again?

Are you ready for a peaceful and harmonious marriage?

Would you like to be the next Sizzling Hot Marriage?

I’ve helped hundreds of couples turn their marriage around and enjoy each other again. I even did it in my own marriage. I want to help you enjoy your marriage again.


I will help you develop a Sizzle Mindset so you can be the next Sizzling Hot Marriage.


You will learn the 8 levels of intimacy you need to achieve so you can enjoy your marriage again.

Become A Lifetime Member Of A Life Changing Marriage Community

The Sizzling Hot Marriage Community will become your family to lean on and help you get through the challenges of this journey. You will feel the love and well wishes that will inspire you to greater heights in your marriage.

I’m Joe Follette, Jr. LMFT. I would love to meet you and be your guide to be a better you and an amazing marriage. In fact, I want you to be a Sizzling Hot Marriage. I’m going to help you transform your marriage. Change takes time. But I ask, are you planning to spend a lifetime together? Go on this journey with me to improve your marriage. Are  you willing to invest in your marriage? Take the next 8 weeks joining my master’s class and you will see what a difference it will make in your life.

 I look forward to seeing you happy again. Don’t second guess yourself. If your heart tells you this is your moment to turn your marriage around, this is your moment. Do it now! And get started immediately working on protecting the most important investment you will ever make – your marriage.