Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab Trust and Communication Module

Trust and Communication Module

Cover Letter

Lifestyle Therapy & Coaching and Sizzling Hot Marriage, under the umbrella of JC Enterprise Group, Inc., are honored to present Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab to you. This will include professional therapy, coaching, mentoring, training, community, and experienced guidance to help you save, grow, and love your marriage.

Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab is one of our most prized and premium services.  We believe that many couples only need a few therapy sessions to work through their issues. But some couples need major surgery to resolve their deep and complex issues. Their marriage would certainly fail without an intensive treatment program like Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab. And for many, that means disappointed dreams, divided assets, and heartbroken children.  

Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab is designed with proven principles, strategies, and methods that help couples develop the marriage mindset of happy couples. 

Attached are the terms and conditions, which will reflect the entire agreement for your experience here when fully executed.  

We look forward to sharing your journey as we partner to optimize and accelerate your marriage to reach its full potential! 

Program Agreement

This Agreement is made by and between Lifestyle Therapy & Coaching  "Agency" and client signed below, hereafter known as “Client.” 

Agency and Client understand that the Agency's services shall be provided through and administered by the "Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab" program. Whereas, Agency, through its' Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab, provides professional therapy and coaching services; and Whereas, Client seeks to obtain Agency's Services; Now, Therefore, for good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which is fully acknowledged herein, the Parties agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Program Description

The Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab is an 18-month treatment program for couples who desire to not only SAVE their marriage but to GROW their marriage and LOVE their marriage. Most couples entering this program have considered divorce as an option to relieve themselves of their stress but have determined that they want to strengthen their marriage instead. Many have experienced severe injuries from demeaning arguments, infidelity, addictions, mental/emotional challenges, and domestic abuse.  They want to have a vibrant fulfilling marriage and have determined to do whatever it takes to not become a statistic. Couples in this program want to rebuild trust, overcome negative patterns of thinking, and learn new ways of communicating, thinking, and behaving. The Trust and Communication Module is a crisis resolution module designed for couples experiencing severe conflict. Many couples must complete the Trust and Communication Module before admission into the SAVE module.

Program Objectives

  1. Identify and resolve the underlying factors contributing to your marital unhappiness
  2. Transform your view of marital roles and responsibilities
  3. Reduce emotion dysregulation and modify dysfunctional behavior patterns in your marriage
  4. Decrease emotional avoidance and eliminate arguing
  5. Rebuild trust, forgiveness, commitment, and companionship
  6. Improve communication and conflict resolution skills
  7. Enhance marital intimacy and sexual relationship
  8. Increase recognition of individual and relationship strengths
  9. Improve your marital support system
  10. Create a second-order change that sustains a positive relationship till death do you part.

Program Components

The program is built using multiple therapeutic methods designed to give the individual and the couple every opportunity to make the mindset shifts needed to enjoy a mutually satisfying marriage. This includes:

  • Screenings and Assessment
  • Unlimited Individual and Couple Therapy (1 to 2 hours weekly as needed)
  • Weekly Couple's Devotional (30 minutes to one hour)
  • Psychoeducation (Online lessons)
  • Skills Coaching (1 hour weekly as needed)
  • Weekly Care Coordinator Check-ins (5 minutes weekly as needed)
  • Sizzling Hot Marriage Community membership
  • 24/7 Access to Resources Hub (Topical Content and Resources to inspire and educate you)
  • Access to Workshops and Events
  • Discounted Rates for Conferences/Retreats*
  • Money-back Guarantee*

*We guarantee if you both do the work you will get results.


  • Email 24/5
  • Text 911 (ASAP response)
  • Emergency-scheduling to 1-on-1 support with a Coach

Couple's Commitment

  1. We recommit to our marriage 
  2. We will make our marriage our priority
  3. We will commit to completing this contracted stage in the Sizzling Hot Marriage Rehab program
  4. We will forgive each other for past hurts so we can move forward into a bright new future together 
  5. We will not abandon each other emotionally, financially, or physically in threat or action
  6. We acknowledge our bad behaviors and will do whatever is necessary to restore confidence in our love 
  7. We will make each other's life better by focusing on meeting each other's needs and loving in each other's love language
  8. We will be patient with each other in this transformation process
  9. When approved, we will take turns planning at least 5 hours of undivided attention dating each week and rebuilding our intimacy
  10. We will complete all lessons and homework assignments given in an earnest effort to learn how to love the way we need each other to
  11. We will attend and fully participate in scheduled individual and couple coaching/therapy sessions
  12. We will take all required assessments 
  13. We will fulfill any financial agreements with JC Enterprise Group, Inc.

Fees and Payments

Each 6-month module is $12,000. A $2,000 discount is offered for full payment.

Additional Provisions

A. Ownership of Intellectual Property. You will not share, copy or post the program materials or share your login information with others. You will protect the copyright of the author of all course materials.

B. Warranty. Both Parties warrant and represent that they each have the authority to enter into this Agreement. Agency warrants and represents that it will provide services in a professional and constructive manner. Client warrants and represents that performing its obligations under this Agreement will not violate or infringe upon any third-party rights. Client warrants that they are entering this agreement voluntarily and not under coercion. 

C. Indemnification. Client will indemnify and hold harmless Agency from any and all third-party claims arising out of or related to: a) a breach of Client’s Warranty under the Agreement; and/or b) infringement of any third-party rights.

D. General Provisions:

  1. Dispute Resolution: In the event of any dispute related to either Party’s performance or non-performance under the Agreement, the Parties will work to amicably resolve the dispute by engaging in effective problem-solving.
  2. Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Alabama, without respect to any conflict of law principles. Any litigation between the Parties relating to this Agreement will take place in the State and Federal Courts within the State of Alabama. The Parties affirmatively consent to the personal jurisdiction of and venue in the State of Alabama.
  3. Entire Agreement. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the Parties related to the provisions hereunder. No term provisions, extraneous to this Agreement shall be considered a part of this Agreement. This Agreement may not be amended except by mutual written agreement between the Parties. This Agreement may be executed by either Party by Electronic Record as defined in the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act at 15 U.S.C. $7001 et seq. (“ESIGN Act”).
  4. Assignment. Client may not assign or otherwise transfer it's rights or delegate it's obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of Agency. If the Agency provides such consent, then this Agreement will be binding on Client’s approved Assignees.


  1. JC Enterprise Group, Inc. will not offer any refunds under any circumstances. The Agency will uphold all parts of the Agreement and complete all elements listed.
  2. If Agency deems Client to be noncompliant, Agency reserves the right to terminate this agreement without any penalty or refund.  
  3. Client understands that this is a 6-month agreement and agrees to complete any agreed payment plan. Client understands that a separate agreement must be adapted for each six-month module of the program.
  4. The Agency guarantees to provide all services that are stated in this Agreement in full in conjunction with the adherence to all of the terms and conditions signed upon by the Client. The Agency is committed to providing quality professional services outlined in this agreement designed to help Client resolve their differences and improve their marriage. In no way can the Agency guarantee the Client's relationship will improve during this program. Client recognizes that the outcome of this program is dependent upon their decisions and actions. Client acknowledges the work done in this program may lead to a decision to separate or divorce. Client will not hold the Agency liable for what happens in their marriage or how they chose to interpret and enact what they hear or read.
  5. The Agency will offer a money-back guarantee if both parties complete all aspects of the module (time together, therapy, lessons, homework, etc.) and demonstrate no growth individually or in their relationship. We are confident that your investment on the front side of your marriage will save you from an unwanted investment on the backside. We provide training and support to help couples stay married and remain respectful to each other. We can not guarantee that you or your partner will do the work required to enjoy a Sizzling Hot Marriage.
  6. The Agency is not responsible for client delays or failure to complete any portion of this program and is not obligated to fulfill any coaching calls beyond the terms of the agreement for any reason. 

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Signed by Joseph L. Follette, Jr.
Signed On: March 13, 2022

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