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If you want to be better equipped to bring happiness into your marriage Then this is for you!

Over the past 25 years, I have personally helped hundreds of individuals and couples just like you transform themselves and their relationships from near collapse into a satisfying partnership.

Yet where people usually get stuck is with answering at least 1 of these 3 questions:

  1. How can I rebuild credibility with my partner?

  2. How can we learn how to communicate effectively?

  3. How can I become a more confident, positive, and happy person?

You’re probably thinking at least one of these three questions right?
Well here’s the good news… I’ve taken the exact method I used with my one-on-one therapy clients in this course. I’ll teach you how to think outside the box and rewrite the scripts that have contributed to your failed relationships in my brand new program called “Credible Hearts: The Path to a Happier Marriage!”
The Trusted Hearts Path to a Happier Marriage will lay out in front of you exactly what it takes to become a more attractive, positive, confident, and trustworthy partner. I will ask you deep questions that will unlock your potential and restore your passion. I’ll share stories that will stimulate your mind, and I’ll give you activities that will stir up your creativity.
This kickstart program give you everything you need to transform yourself into that irresistable partner anyone would be lucky to have even capable of maintaining a long-term loving marriage. You can be successful in this program even if you have never done any personal development before.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the Trusted Hearts: The Path to a Happy Marriage program:

  • You’ll identify your unproductive patterns that have sabotaged your past relationships
  • You’ll discover your limiting beliefs and the events that shaped them
  • You’ll learn how to rewrite the scripts and transform the way you explain things
  • You’ll open up and learn how to identify and express your emotions in accepting ways
  • You will gain positive coping skills as you learn to take care of yourself
  • You’ll learn how to solve problems and not be afraid of conflict
  • You’ll learn how to work through difficulties and remain committed to your agreements
  • You’ll learn how to keep smiling as you go through adversity
  • You’ll learn how to become more accepting and enjoy more intimacy in your relationships.
  • You’ll learn the power of love and kindness and their ability to transform lives

You Get All Five Courses For the Price of Four
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No thanks, I’m not ready to take the next step in preparing myself for the marriage of my dreams. Just take me to the next page >>

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The Unlimiting Beliefs Primer


This list of answers to limiting beliefs will jump-start your journey to rewrite the scripts that have been getting in the way of your relationships and emotional growth. You will be sure to identify the beliefs that have been holding you back.


The SLAPPS Method of Turning Arguments Into Intimacy

Super charge your ability to stay calm in the face of conflict with his very helpful tool you will use over and over again in all of your relationships.

You no longer have to be afraid of conflict. Now that you have the SLAPPS Method you’ll know what to do every time.


Daily Affirmations

Learning to stay positive requires constant positive input. This list of affirmations will boost your energy throughout the day as you rehearse these positive affirmations.

These affirmations are written by real people learning how to push through the old scripts to make a new life for themselves.

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